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I live in NJ with my husband and my dog. I love spinning, weaving, history, gardening, reading, environmentalism, and chocolate.

I’m Moving!

…blog hosts, that is.  I’ve had my own web space for many years, and decided to start hosting this blog over there now that I have an idea what features wordpress as software has available and what features doesn’t … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures

I’ll admit it. I like canned icing. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say I much prefer canned icing. I have no idea why I still find it so appealing. It’s in a plastic can that I’d rather not … Continue reading

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Ode to a Mason Jar

Oh ubiquitous mason jar how wonderful to use you are modern clear and older blue crazed with age or shiny new… Ah, the ubiquitous mason jar.  A brilliant storage unit that has gone practically unchanged in the last 100 years.  … Continue reading

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No-‘poo take 2 and destink too!

No-‘poo take 2 In a previous post, I gave bar soap as shampoo and apple cider vinegar rinse a try, with my main goal being to reduce my consumption of plastic by avoiding buying shampoo/conditioner bottles.  The results were not … Continue reading

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Letting Go

I am a stubborn and tenacious person.  I don’t give up very easy on most things.  If there’s a part of my that does want to consider giving up on an endeavor, I will hem and haw and consider the … Continue reading

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Inspirations From My Elders

Recently I realized that the steps I am taking to live more frugally, simply, and honestly are changing my life to look more like that of my great-grandparents and older relatives who are now gone.  I started reflecting on these … Continue reading

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On Tuesday, I made the leap and purchased a Sodastream at home carbonator.  The cherry soda syrup worked out so well I figure this may be my ticket to never having to buy soda again.  No more lugging, no more … Continue reading

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Of Successes and Not-So-Successes

I had a very busy weekend.  Most of the business was of my own making.  But in all it was full of accomplishments, both big, small, successful, and not-so-successful.  I’m going to refrain from calling some of them failures, because … Continue reading

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Garden of Earthly Delights

Summer is (hopefully) winding down.  Tonight the humidity was less, and the temperature went down enough at sundown for me to go out back and sit for a while.  In the heat of summer, other than morning watering and letting … Continue reading

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I Need a Hurricane…

Which has nothing to do with this year’s thankfully very slow Atlantic hurricane season.  I was talking more about Mindy Smith’s song Hurricane, and the lyrics: I need a hurricane To empty out this place Seems it’s the only way … Continue reading

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